Maryland Veterans Home Commission

The Maryland Veterans Home Commission and staff from the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home/MDVA recently visited Patriot Point for the MVHC quarterly meeting. The group met with Patriot Point property manager Tim Mitchell and received an overview of the property and the opportunities for guests.

Secretary George W. Owings, III and the Maryland Veterans Home Commission presented Tim with a Vietnam Memorial pin.

Beck Fundrasier

Celebrity Chef Thomas Kozak from Grandale Restaurant in Hillsboro, Va., made an incredible meal for a group of supporters last week as they gathered at the property to raise money for Patriot Point programs. The group also had the opportunity to experience all our service members enjoy when they visit Patriot Point.

Outdoor Kitchen

Recent guests to Patriot Point have taken advantage of the latest addition to the property, a beautiful new outdoor kitchen as several groups made significant donations. The project was procured by Bob Basarab, Belair Road Supply’s director business development.

“My dad was military, as well my uncle and my grandfather,” Basarab said. “I saw what that meant to them and then I met [Patriot Point managing partners] Steve [Beck] and Stuart [Plank] and they showed me Patriot Point and I knew it was my calling to help. It’s become a part of my life and I enjoy meeting the guys and spending time with them, any way I can.”

The kitchen includes a large grill, pavers and walls donated by Nicolock, a top manufacturer of paving stones for patios, retaining walls, outdoor fire pits and more. Ryan Drawbaugh of Eldorado Stone of Greencastle, Pa., donated outdoor boxes and stone.

“Nicolock donated this grill on behalf of all the veterans and military that provide protection and service for our country,” said Carl Peterson, Nicolock’s director of education/outdoor room products. “Nicolock stands by our veterans and we know the importance of giving back to those who serve.”

Katherine Mendoza

Katherine Mendoza and her family recently visited Patriot Point for a relaxing stay. Katherine served as a combat medic in the U.S. Army and was stationed in Germany when she had an aortic dissection and had 13 strokes.

Katherine was treated at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda and had the opportunity to be part of a group that visited Patriot Point. She then came back to Patriot Point last month with her husband and their 6-year-old son.

“We were there four days,” Mendoza said. “We enjoyed the water, skeet shooting, did a little paddle boarding, did some fishing. Just had some quality time.”

But while Mendoza and her family enjoyed many of the activities that Patriot Point offers, there was another aspect that she said was the best part of the trip.

“The hospitality – not just Lauren and Tim, but there were other people around the property and they were very kind and welcoming. Lauren told me there was going to be stuff in the fridge for breakfast, so I brought food [for other meals] but I didn’t need to bring food. I was awestruck by the hospitality. It was amazing, so much more than I expected.

“Patriot Point provides a safe, peaceful environment for families to relax and enjoy each other’s company.”


Representatives from the Association of the U.S. Navy, Warfighter Advance, the Navy Safe Harbor Foundation and the Military Bowl Foundation visited Patriot Point to discuss holding Warfighter Advance’s very successful and important program, The ADVANCE 7-Day, at Patriot Point. 

At its core, The ADVANCE 7-day is a seven-day program that uses a variety of means to change the trajectory of the warfighter’s (active duty or veteran) post-deployment life.  This is so that rather than an existence characterized by an endless cycle of diagnoses, medications, medical appointments and disappointments, the warfighter has a life characterized by pride, productivity, healthy relationships, continued service and advocacy for these same outcomes for their fellow service members.

The Association of the U.S. Navy, Navy Safe Harbor Foundation, and the Military Bowl Foundation all look forward to working with Warfighter Advance to support active duty service members and veterans at Patriot Point.

Pictured in the photo, from left to right, are Brad Carlson, Development Director for the Association of the U.S. Navy; Mary Neal Vieten, Executive Director, Warfighter Advance; Heidi Weller, President, Navy Safe Harbor Foundation; Chris Cole, Chairman, Board of Directors, Military Bowl Foundation.