Phase II Construction

Phase II of construction at Patriot Point is ongoing, with work focusing on the 1925 Main House Renovation.

Thanks to Pella Mid-Atlantic and the Maryland Building Industry Association’s Home Builders Care Foundation, the exterior doors and windows have been replaced, creating a much more energy-efficient environment.

Also, TW Perry continues to be a tremendous partner of Patriot Point, supplying nearly all of the exterior siding, interior framing, doors and trim material.
Among the other contributors to the project:

  • Mangan and Associates donated the design work.
  • Patriot Point volunteer coordinator Mike Mattingly and his tireless crew have contributed demolition and ongoing assorted skilled labor projects.
  • Shelter Systems provided a structural engineering inspection and materials for repairs.
  • United Rentals and Reliant Drywall donated a lift to install exterior siding and drywall material.
  • Freestate Electric, a Union Sportsman Alliance member, is donating electrical labor, materials and fixtures.
  • Union Sportsman Alliance tradespeople also are donating much of the plumbing labor and material and others are planning further donations, including painting labor.

Patriot Point is currently looking for donations of tile material and carpeting.

“We are incredibly appreciative of the members of the Maryland Building Industry Association and the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance for their contributions at Patriot Point,” Military Bowl Foundation President & Executive Director Steve Beck said. “It is heartwarming to know that we have so many partners who share our commitment to providing a first-class retreat for the men and women who serve the nation so selflessly.”