Operation Restored Warrior-March 2021

Operation Restored Warrior recently hosted a Women’s Drop Zone at Patriot Point, bringing two veterans and two veteran spouses for a four-day retreat where they were joined by six team members from Operation Restored Warrior. During the retreat, each warrior shared a part of their story and were able to identify areas in their lives that have been difficult to release and claim complete freedom in life.

Based in Colorado Springs, Operation Restored Warrior’s mission is to rescue, rebuild, and restore what was lost and stolen from our warriors lives.

Tree Removal Volunteers

It was a busy weekend at Patriot Point, as a group of volunteers from Harkins Builders, Inc. spent a full day taking down several dead trees near the property entrance, finishing up work started the day before by three retired fire fighters. The group from Harkins included three marine veterans, two Navy veterans and one Army veteran.

“What a great day to spend putting in some hard work with a bunch of veterans and first responders,” Harkins vice president Ben Nichols said. “I am still smiling about it. We look forward to contributing again very soon. Please always feel free to reach out if a project pops up without warning.”

“What an amazing effort by both groups,” Patriot Point General Manager Hugh Middleton said. “Those trees have needed to come down for some time and thanks to these volunteers for making it happen. We can’t thank our volunteers enough. The property looks the way it does because of groups like the one from Harkins.”

Operation Restored Warrior – Feb 2021

Operation Restored Warrior recently brought four veterans, one active-duty service member and a law enforcement official for five days at Patriot Point. The group traveled from across the country, with guests coming from California, Oregon, Washington, Michigan and New Jersey.

“We work with them over the course of a few days, bringing them to a place joy is restored in their lives and their hearts are restored,” said Timothy Harting, a U.S. Army veteran and director of drop zone operations for Operation Restored Warrior.

“The one thing we say is that they leave in a better place than they arrived. They’re glad that they came and ultimately got their lives back.”

Based in Colorado Springs, Operation Restored Warrior’s mission is to rescue, rebuild, and restore what was lost and stolen from our warriors lives.