Annapolis Children

The Military Bowl hosted two dozen children from Annapolis at Patriot Point for a day of outdoor recreational opportunities.

“These are kids from various areas of Annapolis who would not necessarily have had the opportunity to participate in all that Patriot Point provides if it wasn’t for the Military Bowl and Patriot Point,” said Kevin Simmons, director of the City of Annapolis Office of Emergency Management.

Simmons said the idea for the trip came after a meeting where he and Military Bowl Foundation President & Executive Director Steve Beck were present and both agreed that a visit to Patriot Point could be very impactful for many Annapolis children.

Once arriving at Patriot Point, Simmons said, volunteer coordinator Mike Mattingly and his wife Katie gave a brief tour of the property and told the guests about the activities they could choose to do. Some youths went out on a boat to crab, while others crabbed from the pier until there was a bushel to steam for lunch. Some children went kayaking or paddle boarding, while Beck took others on rides throughout the 290-acre property.

“At noon we had a barbecue/crab feast,” Simmons said. “They provided everything, from drinks and crabs to sunblock and everything. We didn’t need anything, we were very appreciative of that. … [The kids] got to see a different place, different atmosphere and people who catered to them. It does a lot for the kids. One of the kids asked, ‘Are we coming back tomorrow?’ It does a lot for their esteem, lets them see another side of life they don’t see very often and participate in things they don’t get to participate in.”