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Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation

The Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation visited Patriot Point for its staff retreat this past weekend. Children of Fallen Patriots is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide college scholarships and educational counseling to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty. Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation’s vision is to ensure that every child of a fallen patriot receives all necessary college funding.

“Our weekend at Patriot Point was one for the books,” said Dee Hauschel-Muniz, the foundation’s scholarship administrator. “As a team we were able to bond and grow closer than before in such an amazing and healing atmosphere. It was a great reminder that our father’s legacy is still alive. We cannot thank you all enough for working so hard to honor their memory through caring for their families.

“Through organizations like Patriot Point and Fallen Patriots we can make sure the children of fallen heroes never feel left behind. We enjoyed hanging out on the beach playing sports, swimming, kayaking/paddle boarding, and a bonfire at the end of the day. It was so nice meeting the staff on site they were so nice and made sure we were all comfortable through our stay! Cannot recommend you all enough.”

The staff gathered at Patriot Point to enjoy the outdoor recreational opportunities available and to bond together while they strategically planned for the future.

 “Patriot Point is such a special place,” staff member Kylie said. “Our Children of Fallen Patriot’s Scholarship Team thoroughly enjoyed the time that we were able to spend together – we cooked together, ate together, swam in the bay, kayaked, enjoyed watching Live PD, and played boardgames together. It was overall a relaxing weekend with great memories made!”   

Brian & Maureen Family Visit

Patriot Point recently hosted Brian, Maureen and their two children for a recent weekend visit. The family had been to Patriot Point one year ago; Maureen is a commissioned officer in the Air Force and was injured by a roadside bomb while serving in Iraq.

“We enjoyed sitting out by the pond, fishing with (property manager Tim Mitchell) out in the Bay, hiking through the property, roasting marshmallows, canoeing, kayaking and, foe the kids, building sand castles and catching frogs,” Maureen said. “As before, it was an amazing trip. Caleb even asked on Sunday if we could live there.

“Thank you so much to the team at Patriot Point, all the sponsors and Tim for making the weekend so amazing!”

USO-Metro June 2019

USO-Metro recently brought five service members to Patriot Point for a fishing excursion. Although the water was choppy, the group was able to utilize the property’s other activities. Property manager Tim Mitchell took some service members to the five-stand for skeet shooting, while other guests relaxed on the beach for a bit. The group was treated to a delicious lunch from Emily’s Produce, and as the waters settled, the group was able to finally catch a few fish off the pier.

Patriot Point Demolition

A group of volunteers did demolition ahead of the beginning of Phase I of construction on the Main House.

Volunteer coordinator Mike Mattingly was joined by his son Jeff (a Prince George’s County firefighter), D.C. firefighters Scott “Smitty” Smith and Alex Graham, and Ted Smart of MDC Services LLC, our project’s construction manager, who is also a board member of the Home Builders Care Foundation.

The group removed all of the decking on the front and side porches, as well as the rails and soffits on the front porch. (The second-floor decking overlooking the waterfront already had been removed.)

“We probably removed 38,398 screws,” Mattingly said with a laugh. “It went very well. That was the end of the demo phase. The construction crew is ready to come in.”

Phase I of the renovation includes new front porch walls, ceilings, posts and decking around and through the screened-in side porch, as well as five new entryway stairs, new gutters, new metal roofs, new flat deck roofing, a wheelchair lift, an interior portable handicap ramp and an outdoor kitchen.

The decking will be Zuri Premium Decking, donated by Royal Building Products through HBCF, which is the nonprofit arm of the Maryland Building Industry Association. Royal Building Products also is donating lots of other trim, all of the fascia and cornice trim and porch columns, Smart said.

“It’s the most beautiful decking material I’ve seen ever,” Mattingly said.

Bravo Zulu Outdoors/Home Builders Cares Foundation Dock Build

It was a busy weekend at Patriot Point as Bravo Zulu Outdoors hosted a group of veterans and retired fire fighters who – in concert with the Home Builders Care Foundation and a grant from 3M — led the rebuilding of our dock, which would have been a $15,000 retail cost!

Special thanks to our partners at the HBCF, which is the nonprofit arm of the Maryland Building Industry Association!

Builders First Source, an MBIA member that is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of structural building products, supplies and services, donated $2,000 through the HBCF for materials. HBCF donated more than $1,000 for the balance of the framing lumber from Builders First Source and coordinated the material delivery. Thanks also to Toby Vance, general manager of Builders First Source, Atlantic Group.

“I feel safe to speak for everyone, when I say that Patriot Point has become a home away from home for all of our group,” Bravo Zulu Outdoors Executive Director Karl Schwartz said. “The opportunity to help pay back some for Patriot Point has provided to us is all we need. We look forward to the next chance to give back when we are out there.”

Among the Bravo Zulu Outdoors group were Joe Akaki, Kimmy McDermott, Randy Nieves, Ralph Perpignan, Bill Schulze, Tammie Pasterak, Keith Bullock, Matt Bullock and Tim Jackson. “I would also like to thank Millie Smith, Tammie Pasterak, Martha Gruica and Bill Schulze for feeding everyone and their cost and sweat equity,” Schwartz said.

“We had two volunteers that showed up early to help [Patriot Point property manager Tim Mitchell] and [volunteer] Mike [Mattingly] work on the pier,” Schwartz said. “Most of the group except for one had been with us to Patriot Point before, even if it had been a few years. … On Saturday, the group split time on working on a set of cornhole boards for us to raffle off as a fundraiser, a large group worked on the pier and some of us relaxed or explored the grounds. Working projects that give back to Patriot Point is something we were looking forward to. It is important to many of our recovering vets, to give back and be of service. It gives them a sense of purpose that they have lost since leaving the military. Our recent visits to Patriot Point … have allowed our folks to keep up the bonds we have formed over the years and gives everyone a weekend away from our normal pace of life.”

Veterans Day Volunteering

Patriot Point thanks the senior members of the Gonzaga College High School lacrosse team for spending their day off from school for Veterans Day volunteering at Patriot Point. The group arrived in the morning and spent several hours moving boxes, clearing brush and other chores to help improve the property.

The visit was Coach Casey O’Neill’s idea after he participated in the 2018 DC Touchdown Club True Heroes Golf Tournament benefiting Patriot Point.

“I was sitting there at the event, making small talk and looking at what Patriot Point is,” O’Neill said, noting that in the past his teams have sent packages to service members abroad and done volunteer work with Children’s Hospital. “I told [Patriot Point founding partner] Stuart [Plank] and [Military Bowl Foundation President & Executive Director] Steve [Beck] that I would love to bring the team to Patriot Point. I don’t know if they thought I was serious or just making small talk, but I followed up with Steve.”

The trip was an eye-opener, O’Neill said, noting that in addition to doing work at Patriot Point, his players had the opportunity to tour the property and meet Gold Star families who were visiting.

“I can’t say it enough, the boys loved it,” O’Neill said. “They were tired when they got home. But one dad reached out to me and said, ‘My son doesn’t ever talk around the dinner table, but he couldn’t stop talking about his day.’ It was really neat to see first-hand exactly what Patriot Point is and how special it is.

Veterans Day Gold Star Families

Patriot Point hosted a group of five Gold Star families for a retreat this past weekend.

“It was awesome, very peaceful and restful and something we all needed,” said Jane Horton, whose husband, Specialist Christopher Horton, was an army sniper killed in action while serving in Afghanistan. “Stuff we used to do with our loved ones – I used to fish with my husband – and things many of us haven’t done in years or ever done.”

The group arrived on Friday for Veterans Day weekend and stayed through Monday, enjoying many of the activities Patriot Point has to offer. They fished, enjoyed a duck hunt and went skeet shooting. “And relaxed,” Horton added.

“It was a fantastic weekend,” said Kylie Owen Willis, whose father, Staff Sergeant Kirk Owen, was the squad leader for the scout and sniper platoon on which Horton served; Owen was killed in action one month before Horton. “We got together as mostly people who didn’t know each other at the beginning of the weekend. We hunted duck together, cooked for each other, sat around the fire and roasted marshmallows together. We could be ourselves and there were people who could understand what I had been through.”

Patriot Point Open House

It was a beautiful afternoon as 100 guests enjoyed Patriot Point’s Open House.
The day was designed to show off improvements that the Military Bowl Foundation has made since purchasing the property 2 ½ years ago. During that time, a new Barn with Caretaker’s Residence and Welcome Center have been constructed, while the Guest House exterior has been renovated and accessibility improvements have been made.

The visitors included State Delegate Christopher Adams, Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs Deputy Secretary Robert Finn and Melissa Kelly, Eastern Shore Director for Senator Chris Van Hollen.

Finn joined Military Bowl Foundation President & Executive Steve Beck and Patriot Point Founding Partner Stuart Plank in speaking to the crowd.

“What a great turnout and an awesome day,” Beck said. “It was wonderful to be able to share what we are doing at Patriot Point.”

Barn and Caretaker’s Residence Construction Complete!

Great news! Thanks to your support and the hard work of many people, construction on our new Welcome Center with the Barn and Caretaker’s Residence is complete! We are proud to show off the latest improvement to Patriot Point.

Rain has slowed progress on landscaping and construction of a new patio, but that work will be wrapping up soon and we know it will be a hit for guests this summer and beyond!

“It is amazing to see the progress as Patriot Point evolves into a first-class retreat for our nation’s wounded, ill and injured service members,” Military Bowl Foundation President & Executive Director Steve Beck said. “We are especially thankful to our supporters for their contributions toward this project as well as those who pitched in and worked so diligently to make it happen. Our guests will love it!”

To view the new construction and the other Patriot Point facilities, visit our virtual tour.