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Patriot Point & Pella Windows

Pella Mid-Atlantic and the Maryland Building Industry Association’s Home Builders Care Foundation recently teamed up to provide and install nearly $100,000 worth of new windows and doors at Patriot Point.

“Pella Mid-Atlantic is honored and proud to contribute to the Patriot Point replacement window and door project,” said David Lebowitz, General Manager, Eastern Shore, Pella Mid-Atlantic. “Giving back to our veterans in this way, where they can enjoy the beauty of the Eastern Shore with their families, is a wonderful way for us to participate in supporting the men and women who defend our freedom.  The new windows and doors will add to the enjoyment of their stays at the property.”

The project replaced all of the exterior windows and doors on the 1925 Main House with more than 30 Pella Lifestyle Series Windows (the number one performing wood window for the combination of energy, efficiency and sound) and five Pella Brand Entry Doors.

The Home Builders Care Foundation, which is the charitable arm of the MBIA, contributed financially to the project and worked with Pella Mid-Atlantic and the Military Bowl Foundation to lead and coordinate the construction efforts.

“The Military Bowl Foundation and Patriot Point are so fortunate to have partners such as Pella Mid-Atlantic and the Maryland Building Industry Association,” Military Bowl Foundation President & Executive Director Steve Beck said. “Not only do they share our commitment to honoring and supporting our nation’s service members, but they take things to the next level and then some with their incredible generosity, helping us improve Patriot Point and give our service members this wonderful retreat to enjoy.”

No Warrior Left Behind

No Warrior Left Behind recently hosted a group of recovering service members and a recovering law enforcement member for a weekend duck hunt at Patriot Point. The group hit the blinds early Saturday morning and within 40 minutes, there were 40 ducks in the bag.

“Thank you so much for the great weekend of camaraderie, fun and skill,” wrote Adam Devine, a marine who is a double-amputee above the knee. “The duck hunt was second to none! There were so many ducks! Patriots Point was a great place to go. The shooting range, gym, common house and dorm house were clean and well taken care of.

“I needed this weekend to help me unwind from all the stressful things going on and not have anxiety about who I was hunting with. Having other warriors, both military and law enforcement, around allowed me to let my guard down and just relax. Thanks again for a great weekend and I hope you are able to help other warriors with more events like this one. Cheers!”

Jeremiah Gorsuch, a U.S. army explosive ordinance disposal service member who had both knee amputated below the knee, wrote: “I had such a great time on the trip to Patriot Point.  This is exactly what I needed after having to spend so much time at Walter Reed lately.  I was able to meet some veterans and police officers on the trip that I can now call friends.  I would definitely recommend this trip to other veterans/first responders.”

Task Force Resolute

Task Force Resolute, which makes a difference in the lives of combat veterans by providing recreational outings, earlier this month hosted a small group of veterans and their wives for a weekend at Patriot Point.

The group enjoyed touring the property, fishing in the Choptank River and working out in the Under Armour Freedom Fitness Center, among other activities. While high tides prevented the group from going crabbing, Patriot Point property manager Tim Mitchell and his wife Sherry cooked soft shell crabs for everyone to enjoy.

“That was an unexpected gesture that we all enjoyed so much,” Task Force Resolute Executive Director Leta Carruth said. “Our sleeping accommodations were perfect and so comfortable. 

“Most of all, the veterans were able to relax, visit and reconnect with each other – what they wanted and needed most from this trip.  They all remarked over and over about what a wonderful and special place Patriot Point is and how being able to be with each other in such a private setting was the recharge they each needed.”

At the end of the weekend, as everyone prepared to return home, Carruth said, talk turned to next summer and wanting to make a return trip to Patriot Point.

“They wanted to come back next summer and bring their children and more of their veteran friends to enjoy the peace and ability to relax and reconnect with their former battle buddies,” Carruth said. “As you know, there really is no better ‘medicine’ than that.

“We cannot begin to thank all of you at Patriot Point enough for allowing us to utilize your incredible venue. One of the members of our group finds it difficult to get away from the spotlight. Patriot Point was the perfect venue for him and his wife to instantly let their guard down and enjoy time with battle buddies and treasured friends. Patriot Point is such a gem – the perfect place for our veterans and their families to get away.”

Maryland Veterans Home Commission

The Maryland Veterans Home Commission and staff from the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home/MDVA recently visited Patriot Point for the MVHC quarterly meeting. The group met with Patriot Point property manager Tim Mitchell and received an overview of the property and the opportunities for guests.

Secretary George W. Owings, III and the Maryland Veterans Home Commission presented Tim with a Vietnam Memorial pin.

Beck Fundrasier

Celebrity Chef Thomas Kozak from Grandale Restaurant in Hillsboro, Va., made an incredible meal for a group of supporters last week as they gathered at the property to raise money for Patriot Point programs. The group also had the opportunity to experience all our service members enjoy when they visit Patriot Point.

Outdoor Kitchen

Recent guests to Patriot Point have taken advantage of the latest addition to the property, a beautiful new outdoor kitchen as several groups made significant donations. The project was procured by Bob Basarab, Belair Road Supply’s director business development.

“My dad was military, as well my uncle and my grandfather,” Basarab said. “I saw what that meant to them and then I met [Patriot Point managing partners] Steve [Beck] and Stuart [Plank] and they showed me Patriot Point and I knew it was my calling to help. It’s become a part of my life and I enjoy meeting the guys and spending time with them, any way I can.”

The kitchen includes a large grill, pavers and walls donated by Nicolock, a top manufacturer of paving stones for patios, retaining walls, outdoor fire pits and more. Ryan Drawbaugh of Eldorado Stone of Greencastle, Pa., donated outdoor boxes and stone.

“Nicolock donated this grill on behalf of all the veterans and military that provide protection and service for our country,” said Carl Peterson, Nicolock’s director of education/outdoor room products. “Nicolock stands by our veterans and we know the importance of giving back to those who serve.”

Katherine Mendoza

Katherine Mendoza and her family recently visited Patriot Point for a relaxing stay. Katherine served as a combat medic in the U.S. Army and was stationed in Germany when she had an aortic dissection and had 13 strokes.

Katherine was treated at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda and had the opportunity to be part of a group that visited Patriot Point. She then came back to Patriot Point last month with her husband and their 6-year-old son.

“We were there four days,” Mendoza said. “We enjoyed the water, skeet shooting, did a little paddle boarding, did some fishing. Just had some quality time.”

But while Mendoza and her family enjoyed many of the activities that Patriot Point offers, there was another aspect that she said was the best part of the trip.

“The hospitality – not just Lauren and Tim, but there were other people around the property and they were very kind and welcoming. Lauren told me there was going to be stuff in the fridge for breakfast, so I brought food [for other meals] but I didn’t need to bring food. I was awestruck by the hospitality. It was amazing, so much more than I expected.

“Patriot Point provides a safe, peaceful environment for families to relax and enjoy each other’s company.”


Representatives from the Association of the U.S. Navy, Warfighter Advance, the Navy Safe Harbor Foundation and the Military Bowl Foundation visited Patriot Point to discuss holding Warfighter Advance’s very successful and important program, The ADVANCE 7-Day, at Patriot Point. 

At its core, The ADVANCE 7-day is a seven-day program that uses a variety of means to change the trajectory of the warfighter’s (active duty or veteran) post-deployment life.  This is so that rather than an existence characterized by an endless cycle of diagnoses, medications, medical appointments and disappointments, the warfighter has a life characterized by pride, productivity, healthy relationships, continued service and advocacy for these same outcomes for their fellow service members.

The Association of the U.S. Navy, Navy Safe Harbor Foundation, and the Military Bowl Foundation all look forward to working with Warfighter Advance to support active duty service members and veterans at Patriot Point.

Pictured in the photo, from left to right, are Brad Carlson, Development Director for the Association of the U.S. Navy; Mary Neal Vieten, Executive Director, Warfighter Advance; Heidi Weller, President, Navy Safe Harbor Foundation; Chris Cole, Chairman, Board of Directors, Military Bowl Foundation.

Annapolis Children

The Military Bowl hosted two dozen children from Annapolis at Patriot Point for a day of outdoor recreational opportunities.

“These are kids from various areas of Annapolis who would not necessarily have had the opportunity to participate in all that Patriot Point provides if it wasn’t for the Military Bowl and Patriot Point,” said Kevin Simmons, director of the City of Annapolis Office of Emergency Management.

Simmons said the idea for the trip came after a meeting where he and Military Bowl Foundation President & Executive Director Steve Beck were present and both agreed that a visit to Patriot Point could be very impactful for many Annapolis children.

Once arriving at Patriot Point, Simmons said, volunteer coordinator Mike Mattingly and his wife Katie gave a brief tour of the property and told the guests about the activities they could choose to do. Some youths went out on a boat to crab, while others crabbed from the pier until there was a bushel to steam for lunch. Some children went kayaking or paddle boarding, while Beck took others on rides throughout the 290-acre property.

“At noon we had a barbecue/crab feast,” Simmons said. “They provided everything, from drinks and crabs to sunblock and everything. We didn’t need anything, we were very appreciative of that. … [The kids] got to see a different place, different atmosphere and people who catered to them. It does a lot for the kids. One of the kids asked, ‘Are we coming back tomorrow?’ It does a lot for their esteem, lets them see another side of life they don’t see very often and participate in things they don’t get to participate in.”

Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation

The Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation visited Patriot Point for its staff retreat this past weekend. Children of Fallen Patriots is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide college scholarships and educational counseling to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty. Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation’s vision is to ensure that every child of a fallen patriot receives all necessary college funding.

“Our weekend at Patriot Point was one for the books,” said Dee Hauschel-Muniz, the foundation’s scholarship administrator. “As a team we were able to bond and grow closer than before in such an amazing and healing atmosphere. It was a great reminder that our father’s legacy is still alive. We cannot thank you all enough for working so hard to honor their memory through caring for their families.

“Through organizations like Patriot Point and Fallen Patriots we can make sure the children of fallen heroes never feel left behind. We enjoyed hanging out on the beach playing sports, swimming, kayaking/paddle boarding, and a bonfire at the end of the day. It was so nice meeting the staff on site they were so nice and made sure we were all comfortable through our stay! Cannot recommend you all enough.”

The staff gathered at Patriot Point to enjoy the outdoor recreational opportunities available and to bond together while they strategically planned for the future.

 “Patriot Point is such a special place,” staff member Kylie said. “Our Children of Fallen Patriot’s Scholarship Team thoroughly enjoyed the time that we were able to spend together – we cooked together, ate together, swam in the bay, kayaked, enjoyed watching Live PD, and played boardgames together. It was overall a relaxing weekend with great memories made!”