Freedom Hunters- Jan 2022

Freedom Hunters recently hosted a group of 11 veterans, including eight that served in
combat. The group arrived on a Sunday night and enjoyed a tasty dinner while enjoying
each other’s company. Then it was up early at oh dark thirty for the safety briefing and a
duck hunt.

“Patriot Point is a perfect place for veterans to visit and also be able to relax and ease
the mind,” said Tom Deoudes, regional director for Freedom Hunters. “It is also an
incredible place for duck hunting. When you combine the two with eleven great warriors,
you have a fantastic event.

“Hugh and Joy were great hosts and did everything they could to see that all had a
wonderful time. Freedom Hunters is always honored to accept Patriot Point’s generous
invites. It is ‘the perfect veterans retreat.’  Freedom Hunters couldn’t find a better partner
to help to honor and thank the service and sacrifice of our great nation’s military men
and women.”