Hope For the Warriors

Hope For the Warriors earlier this month hosted a group of three veterans and their families and friends at Patriot Point.

Ken Sutherby, director, outdoor adventures of Hope for the Warriors, said the group include a husband and wife that were both veterans and their four children; another veteran and his wife; and a third veteran who brought four close friends.

The group enjoyed an early-morning fishing charter (because that’s when the fish were biting) followed by crabbing, which netted a bushel of crabs for dinner that night.

“Everyone had a great time and enjoyed their stay,” Sutherby said. “Patriot Point creates a rare opportunity for veterans and families to enjoy all that the Maryland Eastern Shore has to offer. Guests have amazing lodging on a beautiful property that offers fishing, crabbing, kayaking, paddle boarding or just relaxing on the beach. Patriot Point staff worked tirelessly to ensure that all the veterans enjoyed their stay. This was a much needed retreat for the veterans and their families!”