Outdoor Kitchen

Recent guests to Patriot Point have taken advantage of the latest addition to the property, a beautiful new outdoor kitchen as several groups made significant donations. The project was procured by Bob Basarab, Belair Road Supply’s director business development.

“My dad was military, as well my uncle and my grandfather,” Basarab said. “I saw what that meant to them and then I met [Patriot Point managing partners] Steve [Beck] and Stuart [Plank] and they showed me Patriot Point and I knew it was my calling to help. It’s become a part of my life and I enjoy meeting the guys and spending time with them, any way I can.”

The kitchen includes a large grill, pavers and walls donated by Nicolock, a top manufacturer of paving stones for patios, retaining walls, outdoor fire pits and more. Ryan Drawbaugh of Eldorado Stone of Greencastle, Pa., donated outdoor boxes and stone.

“Nicolock donated this grill on behalf of all the veterans and military that provide protection and service for our country,” said Carl Peterson, Nicolock’s director of education/outdoor room products. “Nicolock stands by our veterans and we know the importance of giving back to those who serve.”