Task Force Resolute

Task Force Resolute, which makes a difference in the lives of combat veterans by providing recreational outings, earlier this month hosted a small group of veterans and their wives for a weekend at Patriot Point.

The group enjoyed touring the property, fishing in the Choptank River and working out in the Under Armour Freedom Fitness Center, among other activities. While high tides prevented the group from going crabbing, Patriot Point property manager Tim Mitchell and his wife Sherry cooked soft shell crabs for everyone to enjoy.

“That was an unexpected gesture that we all enjoyed so much,” Task Force Resolute Executive Director Leta Carruth said. “Our sleeping accommodations were perfect and so comfortable. 

“Most of all, the veterans were able to relax, visit and reconnect with each other – what they wanted and needed most from this trip.  They all remarked over and over about what a wonderful and special place Patriot Point is and how being able to be with each other in such a private setting was the recharge they each needed.”

At the end of the weekend, as everyone prepared to return home, Carruth said, talk turned to next summer and wanting to make a return trip to Patriot Point.

“They wanted to come back next summer and bring their children and more of their veteran friends to enjoy the peace and ability to relax and reconnect with their former battle buddies,” Carruth said. “As you know, there really is no better ‘medicine’ than that.

“We cannot begin to thank all of you at Patriot Point enough for allowing us to utilize your incredible venue. One of the members of our group finds it difficult to get away from the spotlight. Patriot Point was the perfect venue for him and his wife to instantly let their guard down and enjoy time with battle buddies and treasured friends. Patriot Point is such a gem – the perfect place for our veterans and their families to get away.”