USO-Metro June 2021

USO-Metro recently brought a group of 11 marines for a weekend retreat at Patriot Point. The marines came from Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, where they are responsible for the burials of service members who have passed away.

“When they got to Patriot Point, they were in awe and just taking in the scenery,” said Dencil Harrison, the USO-Metro center supervisor at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall.

The group toured the property and spent Saturday enjoying the many activities available at Patriot Point.

“It was like a family,” Harrison said. “They laughed and they joked. We were out on the beach, singing songs and we did karaoke. They did skeet shooting. Everybody loved what they were doing. By the end, they were begging me to go back. It was just so pleasant. That was the best time.”