Patriot Point LLC is a single-member LLC whose sole member is the Military Bowl Foundation, Inc., a 501c3 organization. As a disregarded entity, Patriot Point LLC shares the employer identification number (EIN) for all information, returns and reporting related to income tax. Your donations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.  All money raised for Patriot Point is used solely for Patriot Point and Patriot Point has its own budgets, financial statements, and bank accounts. No expenses outside of Patriot Point are paid for with money donated to Patriot Point.


EIN/tax ID number: 26-3268204


Patriot Point Program Expense Ratio

Patriot Point is committed to being a best-in-class organization when it comes to fiscal transparency and responsibility. Patriot Point’s fiscal year is April 1-March 31 and we rely on donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations to accomplish our mission. An average of 94% of contributions to Patriot Point go directly back to supporting the physical and mental health and emotional well-being of Veterans, their family members, and caregivers of our brave defenders of freedom. In addition to being dependent on donations, Patriot Point is assisted by numerous volunteers to meet the needs of our participants. Below you’ll find our Financial information and Annual Reports.

Financial Statements


Patriot Point is the Military Bowl Foundation’s 294-acre retreat that provides a safe, secure and tranquil outdoor recreational retreat facility for wounded, ill, and injured active duty service members, veterans, their families and caregivers who face daily struggles related to their time spent defending our great nation. Thanks to the generosity of supporters, Patriot Point works with veteran and military service organizations to help guests heal through organized recreational activities and peer-to-peer communication.