Military Warriors Support Foundation

The Military Warriors Support Foundation recently brought a group of eight combat-wounded veterans to Patriot Point as part of its Skills4Life program. The veterans came from across the country – Kansas City, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia and Maryland for a four-day visit that included goose hunting, duck hunting, five-stand shooting and a pool tournament.

“Just the normal winter stuff,” said David Dougherty, director of the MWSF Skills4Life program. “They talk about their stories, who they know, what happened to them.”

One of the guests, a former Navy SEAL, had been to Patriot Point once before, right after an accident that saw him step on an IED and lose both of his legs, Dougherty said. “To see the growth in that young man and him opening up and having fun and communicating with the guys was incredible,” Dougherty said. “You could see he let his guard down probably more than he has in years.”

Jeff Cleland, a Marine veteran, was on his first trip to Patriot Point and left very impressed.

“I get so caught up in life with work and family that I often forget to take care of myself,” Cleland said. “This past week was a reminder of how much I missed being with vets who have similar experiences and Patriot Point was the right mix of relaxing and active. I will be back as many times as they will have me.”