Strittmatter Companies Dig

It was a weekend of hard work for a crew of five for Strittmatter Companies, which continued its support of Patriot Point as it brought four pieces of heavy equipment – an excavator, a bulldozer, a track end dump and a trench roller – to improve the fields and impoundments.

Strittmatter area superintendent Dennis Boswell arrived on Friday and worked until dark getting things started. Among the work that the crew completed was enlarging an impoundment pond and making it deeper, installing a pipe to drain a field that retained water, building one road and removing another and leveling a field.

“It was a long day on Saturday,” Boswell said. “But we do it because we appreciate helping out. The service members who come to Patriot Point have made a lot of sacrifices for our country. Strittmatter is happy to have the opportunity to do work at Patriot Point and in turn help provide such an incredible place for guests to visit.”