T&G Builders & Custom Design

A crew from T&G Builders & Custom Design in Berlin, Maryland, has been at Patriot Point recently, providing services to complete general maintenance and improvements on several buildings. Most of the labor and materials were donated.

“This area is subject to the harshest environment, with no obstruction from the water,” said T&G Builders Vice President John Rego, who is also a U.S. Army veteran and Airborne Ranger. “We’re looking at areas that have been problematic over the past few years, pulling them apart and correcting them the right way.”

T&G specializes in renovations and building custom homes on the waterfront throughout the coastal region of the Eastern Shore. That experience and knowledge was handy when working at Patriot Point.

“The crew is doing a great job,” Patriot Point General Manager Hugh Middleton said. “They are really keeping things looking great. It is incredibly generous of T&G to continue its support of Patriot Point and help with these projects.”