Walter Reed Soldier Recovery Unit

Three service members from the Walter Reed Soldier Recovery Unit recently visited Patriot Point for a weekday retreat that included a charter fishing outing and some relaxing time on the beach.

“The trip to Patriot Point was so far my best experience since been stationed here at Walter Reed’s SRU,” U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Roy Thompson said. “A day that started out with me been optimistic about whether or not I was going to have fun catching any fish ended with a blast. … We suddenly started catching a lot of fish and everyone was having so much fun. It was just a personal joy for me to see the smiles, encouragement and participation by everyone on the boat.”

Staff Sergeant Thompson also took the opportunity to use his drone and take photos and videos of the trip.

“Please sign me up for futures trips,” he said. “Thanks once again to the [Walter Reed] team for planning these getaways to help myself and others soldiers to relax our minds and not focus so much on the issues that cause us to be here.”

U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Renee Butts was accompanied on the trip by her daughter and two grandchildren. They opted to hang out on the Patriot Point beach instead of going fishing.

“The level of peace and tranquility the time spent there will always remain near and dear to my heart,” Butts said. “I spent time walking along the beach, sitting enjoying the mindful moments the water so perfect. The staff was very welcoming, stayed out of sight just to allow the feeling of being at home in a peaceful environment. The day and the moment meant everything. So, I thank you so much for continuing to allow service members to enjoy so much of this well-needed peaceful and beautiful place.”